Quality, flexibility and transparency

Kaart van de Benelux


Within the Benelux Benckmar, being a professional full-service distributor, stands for high-quality products on the shelves and for generating rapid turnover. Quality, flexibility and transparency are central to this. Benckmar focuses continually on process improvement and on new opportunities. The company explicitly opts for close collaboration with customers, with long-term success as the result.


Benckmar values professionalism, transparency and reliability, and aims to provide quality on all fronts with highly motivated people.

  • That’s why we work with quality-management systems for product safety, and systems such as GS1DAS, QlikSense, SSCC labelling and EDI.
  • That’s why the company stands for responsible trading, and takes a critical view both of itself, and in relation to the acceptance of products.
  • That’s why the focus is on reliable, certified partners for production, transportation, warehousing and packaging (including IFS and BRC).
  • And that’s why, where necessary, we also hire high-quality specific expertise.


Benckmar follows developments within the retail market in the Benelux closely. The company responds to opportunities in the market and is happy to meet any special requests and requirements from either clients or retailers. As Benckmar has the influence of a professional company, yet the versatility of a relatively small organisation it is able to provide bespoke solutions.



At Benckmar we choose to work closely with our partners and retailers. We invest in good relationships and long-term collaboration.

We are able to ideally combine our knowledge of the local Benelux market with the experience of our internationally-operating clients and can thus jointly come up with clever strategies and lasting results.

Also, together with retailers in the Benelux we develop new products and ideas for products for their private-label goods. In addition, we provide those retailers with high-quality branded goods and offer them equivalent levels of service.