• Benckmar was founded in 2005 and concentrates on the local sales and marketing of non-food consumer products in de food- and drugtrade.
  • Our assortment consists of household cleaning - and personal care products and we handle both brands and private labels. 
  • Together with our foreign partners Benckmar develops new products and product concepts for retailers in the Benelux. Our partners do have extensive production facilities and a large knowledge of their respective product categories.
  • The invoicing, orderprocessing and administration is handled internally. The physical distribution and warehousing is carried out in cooperation with our logistic partner.
  • Our office is located in the center of The Netherlands and equipped with up to date  computersystems (incl. EDI / GS1DAS / SSCC labelling).
  • Benckmar is an independent company and it’s partners all are involved and fully committed in the daily operation. We have a long term objective to create an independant sales and marketing company with an entrepreneurial spirit. All partners have been working in different FMCG companies (food and non food) during their entire careers and have extensive experience with branded products in sales and marketing.
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